Why Choose HPP?

High Performance Physiques is passionately driven and dedicated to helping and serving people just like you, to succeed in achieving their goals, through education, support, accountability, and coaching. Here are a few of the things you can expect from HPP


Finally the ability to sit down with a truly qualified expert with extensive real world experience in fat loss, muscle building, physique transformation and sports performance who’s main objective during this time is to get to know YOU better.

You’ll be asked questions to help us determine how to best approach getting you from where you currently are to where you want to be.​


Experience a REAL individualized program that is created for you by an expert coach well versed in program design. We’ll use the information gathered from your consultation and the results from your assessments to design your programming.

With the rise in popularity of group training in the past few years, the term “individualized program” is thrown around a lot. But the majority of what people are calling “individualized programming” is nothing more than a regression or progression of weight to suit the lifters’ strength levels.​

This is NOT “individualized programming”. This is simply adjusting weights. The only way a program can truly be individualized is by first testing and assessing the client, then consider their goals, and finally create a program based off of those goals with the results of the assessment in mind.

This is a never ending process that is done every time a program goal, or exercise changes.​


You’ll be coached through your training sessions by an expert fitness coach who not only has the education and professional experience, but also years of “in the trenches” real world experience training themselves and going through the exact same process you’re going through.


The assessments are used for us to determine if you have any movement quality deficiencies or pains, postural compensations, or glaring weaknesses in any movement patterns. We’ll also do a body composition analysis and circumference measurements to determine health status.

These assessments are taken at the beginning of your journey and periodically throughout it to ensure that you make continued progress towards your goals.​


We are a facility and group of fitness professionals that are driven by results. Our number one priority is to get you the results you’ve hired us to get for you. We do this by holding each client accountable to the goals they’ve established with our help and guidance.

We do this in many ways, some of which are journaling and questionnaires. In the end, your accountability system will determine your success or failure.​


At High Performance Physiques we are more interested in teaching you how to take care of yourself than we are taking care of you. In other words, we don’t want you to have to rely on us forever for your needs.

We understand that there are different seasons of life where priorities, desires and needs change and because of this, we know that our clients may come and go and that’s okay and expected.​

It’s for this very reason we feel so strongly about educating our clients so that if the need arises for them to leave “home” they will be capable of maintaining the level of fitness and physiques they acquired during their time with us.​

We’re always happy to welcome family members back when they return, and of course they’re always welcome, but we feel that it is our job to not only teach you HOW, but also WHY you are doing what you are doing so that you fully comprehend and understand how to manipulate different aspects of your programming to achieve the results you are looking for.​

Although it would be a better business model to create dependency on us, we feel that would be robbing you of fully understanding how to live a healthy life and how to change your fitness plan as your desires, needs, or goals change.​


Your Investment With High Performance Physiques Is Backed By Our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I want you to be 100% satisfied with my program and know that it is worth every penny you spend. And to remove all doubt from your mind I want to offer you an incredible guarantee…

Sign up for one of our programs and put us to the test for 90 days! If you are fully committed to the program and following the strategies we’ve laid out for you and you don’t feel like we’re meeting your needs or you’re not completely convinced that our services are worth every penny, we’ll not only refund 100% of your money, we’ll also buy you a local gym membership AND a steak dinner so we can part friends! Sound fair enough?​