About HPP

High Performance Physiques

High Performance Physiques offers the most experienced and successful personal trainers in Carbondale. We are passionately driven and dedicated to helping and serving people just like you, to succeed in achieving their goals, through education, support, accountability, and coaching.

We believe in, and follow, the fundamental principles of exercise science and human nutrition. And we stick to them. We have combined these scientifically backed and time tested principles, with years of personal and professional experience, to create the foundation of all of our programming.​

We believe you should be comfortable with the way your body looks, and be proud of it. But we also feel that you should have a healthy, athletic, and durable body. A body that will allow you to enjoy, pain free, the sports or activities that you participate in – regardless of your age.

It’s this combination of health, performance, and body transformation that makes our programming unique.​

We have brought together the worlds of body transformation, weight loss and performance enhancement by creating a programming model that not only allows you to look great, but also feel great, be athletic, and most importantly be healthy!

We believe that the generalized approach to fitness and performance that is used in most of the group fitness models today, although popular, is an inferior way to achieve focused and lasting results.

And because of this, each one of our members is looked at as a unique individual that has a unique set of strengths, weakness, health concerns, and goals. And unique people, with specific goals, require customized approaches.

This is why we use a meticulously well thought out and systemized approach to every program we design. We train ourselves and our members following these programs, day in a day out, and we have done so for over 18 years.​

Although our programming approach is scientific and we have a laundry list of things we consider before designing a program, we prefer to present it in an easily understood and applicable way. So we created the HPP System of Success. This system is represented by the acronym S.E.T. and is described below:​

HPP S.E.T System of Success​

S. Sleep – Rest and Recovery Methods

E. Eat – Supportive Nutrition

T. Train – Resistance and Cardiovascular Exercises​

These three categories represent the most fundamental areas of any great program and are the foundation of ours at High Performance Physiques.​